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Patented Technology

EIR’s technology authenticates a product’s economic impact to any geographic area for consumer education.

Is it 'Made in America?'

Supply chains and products are complicated. How do you really know if the item you purchased is “Made in America” or “Local”?

Follow the Money

Are you concerned about where the money from your purchase is going? Is it staying in your State? Your Region? Your Country?

Going a Step Beyond

EIR shows you where your dollars are going from supporting economic growth to job creation.

Why Get Rated?

Consumers are concerned with the growth of their local economy including jobs, our rating service will help build trust in your products.

Build Consumer Trust

The EIR System confirms just how much your products contribute to local economic growth with our verification service.

People Are Talking About The Economic Impact Rating Service

  • At first I was skeptical, but the EIR certification program is great! They not only helped us source more local (with some ingredients being CHEAPER than our past suppliers), but they gave us a unique in-depth story to tell about our impact. Now the largest newspaper in the state is doing a feature on us and our new rating. - Sharon DiRusso, owner of Sharon’s Granola
  • Economic Impact Rating System attests to how much products contribute to local economic growth. Article by Anne Field – Forbes Magazine
    Forbes Article: Rating a Product's Local Economic Punch
  • Genius!!!!!!! (tweet from

Why is the Economic Impact Rating Service Important for Your Business?

  •  Consumers care about growth in local jobs and the economy
  •  The economy is mentioned every night on the news
  •  Jobs & unemployment are the biggest worry for Americans per the Gallup Report
  • Consumers buy Made in the USA products to support jobs
  •  Consumers buy Local products to support the community
  • The economy was the main topic in Obama’s last State of the Union
  • Our ratings show consumers how much a product is creating jobs, growth & sustainability in their state/region/country

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